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The Current Situation
BuffBurger offers chef-inspired, quality food with a relaxed atmosphere in a market saturated with fast-casual and hamburger options. In order to compete and thrive, BuffBurger tasked Studio Brand with boosting local brand awareness. To accomplish this, SB created a full-suite service package that would supply BuffBurger with a strong brand identity, social media presence, press profile, and inbound marketing plan. Each element of the campaign was tailored to reflect BuffBurger’s modern-yet-rustic sensibility and creative style. The campaign kicked off as soon as BuffBurger opened in March 2015.

BuffBurger Mailer
BuffBurger Mailer
$1.5M in first-year revenue
$2M in second-year revenue
45+ average social media engagement per post
500+ unique website visitors per month
BuffBurger Emails

The Solution
In order to attract new customers who would return again and again to BuffBurger, SB utilized marketing techniques old and new. We ran detailed, targeted Facebook ads to BuffBurger’s target demographic and tracked redeemed promotions in order to A/B test ads. We provided P.R. and outreach to local food writers and bloggers to promote press coverage and provided high-quality photos. We developed a mobile-responsive website to capitalize on geo-targeted apps and advertising. Finally, we ran four direct mailers to nearby neighborhoods to test the most effective content.

“We entered the Houston restaurant market at a time when competition was high. SB helped us find our niche in the fast-casual dining rush.”

— Paul “Buff” Burden, Owner, BuffBurger

BuffBurger Photoshoot
BuffBurger Photoshoot

The immediate goal of our campaign was to successfully launch BuffBurger and provide the brand with a functional, aesthetically pleasing website and social media profiles. Secondary objectives were to facilitate positive press coverage and build reliable mailing lists for direct mail and e-mail marketing. The ultimate goal was to make BuffBurger a neighborhood institution, steadily build revenues, and position the restaurant to expand to new locations across Houston.

BuffBurger Menu

“By the end of BuffBurger’s first year of business, they hit their $1.5 million revenue goal”

By the end of BuffBurger’s first year of business, they hit their $1.5 million revenue goal. In their second year, they have begun architectural plans for their second location, set to open in 2017. The SB team provided BuffBurger with the brand image that positioned the restaurant as simultaneously modern and rustic, and most of all, inviting. The direct mail campaign resulted in a 30% increase in revenue from first-time customers—a 7% ROI.