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The Current Situation
DHI is a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) telecommunications, live media streaming and video on demand solutions provider, official Army & Air Force Exchange Telecom Concession and Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) MWR internet service carrier. As a global telecommunications provider, DHI helps people in even the most war-torn regions achieve the freedom of communication and information. DHI needed a way to reach their massive audience in a way that would utilize both imagery and dialogue to drive consumers to make purchases and build a relationship with the DHI brand.

DHI Email
DHI Email
Further amplified the DHI brand and allowed them to maintain their position as the top-retailer for their market.
Open-rates upwards of 20%
Optimized marketing activities by promoting a variety of products and services under the DHI umbrella.
Established a continuous relationship with the target market that will be utilized throughout their time abroad.
DHI Email

The Solution
SBC incorporated intensive marketing research to dissect the specific interests and pain-points held by DHI’s unique target audience. It was vital for SBC to understand the ideal consumer and examine what type of selling points resonate best with this particular audience. Doing so, we were able to outline exactly how DHI could utilize various imagery and copy to not only inform the consumer of DHI and their products/services, but also interact directly with their brand and drive them to make purchases. In addition, SBC used consumer behavior to strategically plan the day part and consistency of our email campaigns that effectively translates into increased engagement.

“SBC was imperative to the success of the DHI brand and compounding the success of our brand through expertly-crafted email marketing.”


DHI Email
DHI Email

SBC’s overarching goal for DHI was to increase both online and offline traffic through effective email marketing. The intention was that email marketing would help supplement the entire marketing mix by driving awareness and devising engaging content that would further promote the DHI brand. Objectives under this goal included: establishing reliable and comprehensive target personas, facilitating awareness through content-driven communications, and employing reliable metrics to evaluate the success of the campaign.

DHI Email

“DHI experienced open and click-through rates well above the industry norm.”

SBC continuously monitored a variety of marketing channels to delineate why and how our email campaigns were succeeding. According to our metrics, DHI experienced open and click-through rates well above the industry norm. In addition, based on the results of our campaigns, we were also able to discover that DHI, not only increased in sales over these periods, but made substantial progress across multiple platforms within the marketing-mix like improved web traffic, social mentions, and overall brand awareness.