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Flo Trend

The Current Situation
Flo Trend, a wastewater treatment services company, needed a new marketing presence that would reflect the company’s industry leadership role as well as introduce its new suite of services, which are purchased by a very niche market. A campaign was needed to market highly specialized products and services to multiple parties with varying levels of expertise and knowledge of water treatment. SB was tasked with helping businesses better understand Flo Trend’s selling points, find the services they were looking for, and locate information on specific products.

Increased sales from the website 

Increased new users from organic SEO


Increased overall traffic

The Solution

Each aspect of our Flo Trend campaign was designed with both target audiences in mind by creating clear CTAs and simple navigation. A sleeker, more modern, and more responsive website design for desktop and mobile users was critical to accomplishing Flo Trend’s objectives.

The new homepage was split between dewatering solutions and water treatment services. New design elements, including photos, icons, infographics, and renderings were created to simplify the applications relevant to Flo Trend’s offerings to be easily understandable. The agency’s accompanying inbound strategy included blgos, videos, newsletters, social media marketing, PPC, and SEO. Leads were either directly dropped into the sales funnel or were nurtured over time by way of a drip email campaign.

A simple but strong color palette created a cohesive look for a company with products and services that do not result in eye-catching imagery. To create more powerful imagery of Flo Trend’s units, photos were often in black and white with a red highlight or overlay.

FloTrend Case Study

Project Goals and Objectives

Increase sale leads, measured by contact-form submissions and a CallRail phone number on the website. Elevate wastewater services to a stature equal in importance to wastewater products on the site. Explain the concept of dewatering and how Flo Trend’s equipment functions to site visitors, many of whom arrive on the website uncertain as to exactly what they are looking for. Make products easier to find and explore, as well as explain the accompanying services.

Measure of Success

2017: 19,585
2016: 15,437
Percentage increase: 26.87%

2017: 12,747
2016: 11,320
Percentage increase: 12.61%

2017: $2,548,926.67
2016: $1,326,167.93
Percentage increase: 52%

“When we have something urgent, they deliver it to us in remarkable form.”

— Programs & Marketing, Zeus CrowdFunding