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The Current Situation
The Trot is BakerRipley’s largest public event and serves as a platform for communication and awareness about the agency. As Houston’s largest community development non-profit, BakerRipley brings stability, civic engagement, and education to the community. Despite the ongoing success of the event, the Turkey Trot event currently faces an identity crisis, which stems from an ongoing incongruence of translating the BakerRipley brand into the event, while also building and positioning the Houston Turkey Trot brand. Currently, there is no connection between the event and the owners of the event, and the past effort undertaken to connect the two has created additional challenges.

Houston Turkey Trot Mailer
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Generated over 13,000 race-day participants
Increased Instagram following by 100%
Averaged 290 organic impressions on Twitter daily
Average email blast open rate of 25-30%
Reached over 31,000 web users and lowered overall bounce rate by 5%
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The Solution
Houston Strong became a rallying cry after the Astros won the championship in a region devastated by Hurricane Harvey. With this in mind and given the iconic way in which BakerRipley bridged the gap between immediate relief and long-term recovery in the aftermath of the hurricane, we think the natural communication territory of BakerRipley’s Turkey Trot is encompassed in this tagline: HOU are Stronger!

“The 2018 Houston Turkey Trot was an incredible experience that could not have been more rewarding. Thanks to SBC, Baker Ripley was able to develop its brand further and bring the event to even greater heights!”

— Houston Turkey Trot

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SBC’s plan was to rebrand the event in a manner that allowed the registrants, community, media, and partners to reset their expectations. In rebranding the event, our goal was to identify BakerRipley as the owner of the event. Without generating any contradictory messaging, we used key messaging and visuals to position Houston Turkey Trot and BakerRipley as connected and congruent, without competing or overlapping. The focus of the event was on the people of Houston and the communities that reside within the BakerRipley governance. As a result, the event would be a catalyst for their inspired action at a time of reunion and giving during the year. By accomplishing these various tenets, the ultimate goal was to grow a solidified story and brand, harness a supportive community, and create community buy-in for the event in a manner that will appeal to future sponsors–who are a right fit for BakerRipley.

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“Baker Ripley’s 2018 Turkey Trot was a smashing success with over 13,000 participants coming together for a terrific cause.”

Baker Ripley’s 2018 Turkey Trot was a smashing success with over 13,000 participants coming together for a terrific cause. As a result, the race has become the largest Thanksgiving Day footrace race and the second largest footrace in the Houston area. Thanks to the wonderful work by the SBC team, BakerRipley, and all the race participants, we were able to serve 600,000 people and keep the Houston area a welcoming place of opportunity where everyone can earn, learn, and belong.