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The Current Situation
KRESS is the premier company for FCRA compliant employment screening for companies, including background checks, drug testing, and employment verifications. Their goal is simple—to give their customers a real competitive advantage and, most of all, peace of mind. By using their easy online ordering system, companies can order background checks and drug screens within minutes. KRESS coordinates all aspects of employees drug testing to ensure complete and utter quality control. Their fast turnaround time is also attributed to their highly trained staff, that provides one-on-one assistance in coordinating your drug policy and ordering drug screens. KRESS was having difficulties maintaining a steady inflow of leads to target as potential clients. SBC was tasked with the challenge of creating a channel of marketing for KRESS that would help solidify their brand and solve their lead generation issue.

Kress Email
Kress Email
Open rates significantly higher than the industry average.
Substantially improved click-through rates relative to the industry average.
Increased webpage conversions and overall site traffic.
Enhanced brand equity and position as an industry leader inemployment services.
Kress Email

The Solution
SBC applied expert email marketing techniques to help KRESS communicate their value directly to consumers through appealing subject matter that is of the utmost importance to their clientele. Much of KRESS’s client-base belongs to the Fortune 500 sector, so it was critical that SBC recognizes the various pain-points and challenges that are faced by these specific entities. SBC would take advantage of these subjects to construct email marketing initiatives that would drive conversions to the KRESS site and motivate readers to explore the various ways our client can benefit their organization.

“I was very impressed with the success of our email campaigns and the knowledge we provided our audience really created a strong competitive edge.”


Kress Email
Kress Email

SBC’s main objective for this particular client initiative was to generate a substantial number of leads from the tactics mentioned above. This overarching objective allows SBC to organize their campaign efforts in a way that would yield the highest quality of results possible. This tactic would be succeeded through several subset goals such as increasing click-through rate, influencing inbound traffic, and pushing many conversions associated with the KRESS website such as filling out contact forms and inquiring other relevant information associated with potential leads. These goals are paramount to KRESS achieving the desired position as an industry leader in their field.

Kress Email

“The monitoring of these various metrics is critical for SBC to objectively analyze the success of our marketing efforts and safeguard our client’s brand equity.”

SBC monitored each and every email campaign carefully using a variety of tools and techniques to ensure that our strategies are as effective as possible. Some of the various metrics we employ for our campaigns are oriented towards successful deliveries, click-through rates, website conversions, improved sales figures, etc. The monitoring of these various metrics is critical for SBC to objectively analyze the success of our marketing efforts and safeguard our client’s brand equity.