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The Current Situation
Newberry is an established and trusted name in the architecture and design industry with the Founding Principal, Ken Newberry, being the recognizable figurehead for the company. Mr. Newberry is heavily relied upon both internally and externally with clients. He is considered the go-to closer while his principals are often seen as his trusted collaborators. Mr. Newberry is looking to retire from the company within a five to 10-year timeline and, ideally, transition the company over to three principals (with the option to add principals as the opportunity arises). Because clients are looking to hire a lead as opposed to a team, the rebranding efforts are meant to position the three principals—Principal Designer Clint Johnson, Principal Designer Gina Brown, and Principal Project Manager Jorge Carranza—as the faces of Newberry.

320% Increase in website visits from previous year
212% Increase in Facebook followers
176% Increase in Instagram engagement
100% Increase in newsletter click-through rate over list average

The Solution
SBC planned and produced a series of featured videos that introduced the principal executive team for Newberry Architecture. These videos were an excellent chance for the senior-level employees to create a fun and inviting tool to interact with the target audience. By introducing the principal team members and revealing their passion for architecture, Newberry was able to create a lasting impression on prospective clients wishing to build the home of their dreams.

“The video marketing of our principal team was a gratifying experience and reinvigorated our staff as to why they love architecture in the first place!”

— Gina Brown, Principal at Newberry Architecture

The goal for the Newberry video marketing series was to enhance the target market’s perception of the firm and establish a relationship with the principal team in order to provide a smooth transition upon the founder’s departure. The objectives were quite simple: introduce each individual principal in a way that encompasses the personal and passionate culture that exemplifies Newberry Architecture. In addition, it was critical that these videos appear professionally produced and feature all of the various entities that a high-level firm would be expected of. As a result, SBC is able to develop a connection with the audience that builds credibility while entertaining the target audience.

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“SBC was able to track the success of our video marketing tactics through the monitoring of various platforms in which they were posted.”

SBC was able to track the success of our video marketing tactics through the monitoring of various platforms in which they were posted (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, etc.). SBC was also able to track and reply to any comments and sharing that took place to ensure our goals for introducing the principal team to the target audience were met.