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Newberry Architecture

The Current Situation
Newberry is an established and trusted name in the architecture and design industry with the Founding Principal, Ken Newberry, being the recognizable figurehead for the company. Ken is heavily relied upon both internally and externally with clients. He is considered the “go-to” closer while his principals are often seen as his trusted collaborators. Ken is looking to retire from the company within a 5-10 year timeline and, ideally, transition the company over to three principals (with the option to add principals as the opportunity arises). Clint Johnson –Principal Designer,Gina Brown –Principal Designer,Jorge Carranza–Principal Project Manager.Because clients are looking to hire a “lead” as opposed to a team, the rebranding efforts are meant to position the three principals as the faces of Newberry.

Designed and launched a high-quality website for optimal user interactions
Rebranded firm as experts in their field and a top-choice for prospective clientele
Reintroduced principal employees as fundamental leaders within the firm

The Solution

SBC designed and developed a website that utilized new design elements, is easier to navigate and integrates beautiful imagery to showcase Newberry’s diverse portfolio. The objective was to rebrand Newberry Architects as design experts who are trustworthy and client driven. This was accomplished through the creation of the logo, business cards, stationery, marketing materials, website, and other visuals.SBC aimed to position Newberry as the unparalleled architecture firm for clients who are looking for an individualized, refined, design experience.

Newberry Case Study

Project Goals and Objectives

SBC’s external objective for Newberry was to strengthen the recognition of the principals to existing clients and present them as experts to potentials. This was accomplished through refreshed branding that reinforcedClint, Gina, and Jorge as experienced leads and Newberry as the preeminent architecture firm that can execute any look and style. SBC’s internal objective for Newberry was to create a consistent, authoritative and relatable voice through which all communications will be made. This also encompassed a mission statement, an“elevator pitch” to describe Newberry, its services and expertise –along with talking points. By utilizing both the internal and external approaches presented above, SBC’s final goal was to drive repeat business while also generating a new portfolio of clients.

Measure of Success

Performance on each platform is monitored daily, and analytics reports are created monthly.Using metrics from each quarter, the digital marketing strategy is reevaluated and changed accordingly to increase reach and engagement.

The website revamp was critical for Newberry and its brand to make strides for a brighter future.
— Ken Newberry, Founding Principal of Newberry Architecture