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The Current Situation
Poloplast specializes in plastic pipe systems with intelligent solutions for a multitude of applications. The high performance of Poloplast’s pipe systems is based on decades of experience since the company was founded in the ’50s and perfected the multi-layer technology. Europe is Poloplast’s stronghold since it is headquartered in Austria and has a well-established business in the Middle East. Poloplast is now entering the U.S. market with the following focus in an initial phase: Territory – Texas, Upper Midwest, Product Line – Supply Systems (drinking water, cooling, and air conditioning), Construction Type – Non-Residential, Industries – Commercial, Healthcare, Education, Government Buildings, Arenas.

A successful unveiling of the Poloplast brand to the U.S. market, leading to further brand awareness, introduction to new leads, and established a strong connection with various American consumer groups.
Poloplast AHR Expo

The Solution
The initial market entry-point for Poloplast was its participation in the 2019 AHR Expo, the largest HVACR marketplace in the U.S. The AHR EXPO is designed for professionals in HVACR-related products and services. Attendees include engineers, mechanical contractors and installers, building owners and end-users, facility operators, architects and design/build firms, distributors and reps, educators, public utilities and institutional professionals, and the Press. They come to the show to see what the exhibitors have available, source the latest products, learn about new technologies and the industry trends, and develop mutually beneficial business relationships. SBC used this opportunity to document some of the various activities that took place at AHR that can be featured on numerous web-platforms in the marketing mix.

“The AHR Expo was a huge success, and the videos by SBC helped Poloplast position themselves as a major player in the U.S. market.”

— Dalton Clark, Business Development Manager, Poloplast US

The goal for the Poloplast AHR video marketing series was to help introduce the target markets to this new PPR brand as an industry leader and develop a relationship with the newly established distribution center in Houston, TX. The objectives were rather straightforward. Two significant activities included in the AHR Expo were the panels with Poloplast’s Business Development Manager and the demonstrations held at the Poloplast booth. Since Poloplast exists in an exceptionally technical B2B sector, much of these activities we reoriented towards educating potential clients about the benefits and capabilities of PPR piping and Poloplast products. In addition, the installation process is often cited as the most essential marketing tactic for this particular industry, and it was crucial that SBC captured this element. As a result of the video marketing produced, SBC was able to develop a connection with the audience that builds credibility while entertaining the target audience.

“SBC was able to track the success of our video marketing tactics through the monitoring of various platforms in which they were posted.”

SBC was able to track the success of our video marketing tactics through the monitoring of various platforms in which they were posted (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). SBC was also able to track and reply to any comments and sharing that took place to ensure our goals for introducing the Poloplast brand to the target audience were met.