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Sisterly Village


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The Current Situation
Sisterly Village is a startup business providing branded formal wear fashions to college sororities. Founded by a first-time business owner, Sisterly Village had a small budget but needed a big boost in brand awareness and sales in order to get off the ground. The annual Alpha Kappa Alpha Boule Conference, held in Houston in 2018, was identified as an ideal event to accomplish these goals. Studio Brand was engaged to deliver a full-scope campaign that would help Sisterly Village move 500 units at the conference, drive brand awareness among its target audience, and increase the brand’s social media following.

Sisterly Village Ads
Sisterly Village LP
320% Increase in website visits from previous year
212% Increase in Facebook followers
176% Increase in Instagram engagement
100% Increase in newsletter click-through rate over list average
Sisterly Village Social

The Solution
Studio Brand crafted a month-long digital marketing campaign to build awareness of the brand as the convention approached and drive sales during the six-day event. The campaign strategy we created included a giveaway promotion to collect contact information, a landing page sales funnel, brochure marketing, email marketing, geo-targeted social media advertising, and an SMS text-message marketing component. All of these elements had to match the tone of fun and sister-hood of the event itself as well as convey the benefits of buying and wearing Sisterly Village fashions.

“Watching the sales rack up in real time after all the work we put in to the campaign was the most gratifying part of this project.”

— Leila Dehghan, Digital Community Manager

Sisterly Village Social
Sisterly Village Social
Sisterly Village approved SB’s proposal for a mobile-friendly, digital campaign designed to target conference attendees on site. We advertised a dress giveaway via email and social media and sent users to a landing page that collected their phone numbers. We then promoted Sisterly Village’s brand and conference booth number consistently via text, email, and social media marketing. Though we initially felt the client’s goal of 500 dresses sold during the event was too high, we were able to achieve a high conversion rate with our landing page as well as grow the brand’s social media following with highly targeted messaging.
Sisterly Village Ads

“The brand development and awareness work provided by Studio Brand drove traffic both to the company’s booth on the exhibition floor as well as to its website.”

In its first year attending the AKA Boule Conference, Sisterly Village exceeded its goal of 500 dresses sold during the event. The brand development and awareness work provided by Studio Brand drove traffic both to the company’s booth on the exhibition floor as well as to its website, which we designed and developed. In addition to the sales, we also increased the brand’s Facebook following by 12 followers a day during the campaign and its Instagram following by 11 followers per day as well as creating brand-new phone and email contacts lists.