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The Current Situation
Tolunay-Wong Engineers (TWE) is a full-service geotechnical engineering and consulting firm with decades of experience in business and more than a dozen offices from across Texas and Louisiana. Following the retirement and divestment of one of the company’s founding partners, TWE performed an internal audit and arrived at the conclusion that it was time to significantly update its brand, market presence, and business development initiatives. There were several reasons why. First, the company’s branding materials were neglected for years, rendering them dated and ill-suited to digital marketing. Second, TWE found themselves forced to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace for geotechnical services.

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423% increase in bid request in one-year
4.2K monthly website traffic increase
1st direct sales campaign launched in eight years
200% increase in in social media subscribers
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The Solution
SB created an overall marketing strategy that outlined the tactics for TWE’s entire service scope, including rebranding. The rebranding strategy outlined a competitive analysis, our design approach, the new brand voice, and more. In positioning TWE as industry-leading experts and safety gurus, we determined that besides a comprehensive strategy, the company messaging needed to be updated. This was a challenge, because TWE is a large company with hundreds of employees. Ensuring consistent messaging required a solid rollout plan and brand guide.

“We knew it was time to project a different TWE. With the internal company changes, we needed to position the company for future growth, and this meant creating an actual marketing system and all the required foundation items.”

— Phillip Grice – VP of Sales and Planning, TWE

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TWE has a conservative business culture with a proud history. Maintaining this identity while updating the brand and messaging enabled TWE to position itself as a highly experienced, contemporary firm. SB began by creating a cohesive brand rooted in the firm’s history, then designed and developed a mobile-responsive website accessible from the field. Our ultimate aim was to market TWE as a cutting-edge thought leader in its industry and dramatically increase engagement from its target audience of construction and safety professionals on the Gulf Coast.

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“We more than surpassed our goal for increasing bid requests.”

The rebranding work delivered by Studio Brand repositioned TWE as a current, capable firm in an increasingly crowded professional services niche while preserving and highlighting the company’s legacy of success and achievement. We more than surpassed our goal for increasing bid requests and smashed all of the client’s previous expectations for digital lead growth and online subscription. TWE is now well-positioned to compete in the modern marketplace following the departure of a founding partner.