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University of Houston

The Current Situation
Studio Brand Collective executed marketing research for the University of Houston with the objective of increasing website traffic and improving the quality of user sessions. We conducted research in order to determine the content that is prevalent among the target audience and most cost-effective. Over the course of the campaign, we regularly measured key metrics and analyzed user behavior in order to optimize ad-content and the overall strategy.

Content focused on UH’s culture, achievements, faculty, resources, and metropolitan locale.

Successfully equated UH to its main competitors and promoted its standout programs and unconventional flexibility

Portrayed UH as a source of innovation, education, talent, youth, and optimism that serves and reflects its

The Solution

SBC conducted research that was used to design an engaging and effective campaign for UH through various focus groups, industry reports, and digital media metrics. Data gathered and analyzed included keyword research, audience segmentation, competitor analysis, and industry analysis. By using research tools, we were able to find related keywords that will deliver the highest qualified search traffic to the UH landing pages. SBC also proposed implementing user experience testing to further learn about the target audience and tailor the campaign to resonate with users.

U of H Case Study RS

Project Goals and Objectives

Analysis of the market atmosphere and trends, target demographics and psychographics, target audience profiles, and market opportunities helped determine marketing objectives to favorably position UH to its most critical constituencies. SBC utilized our research conclusions to produce campaign materials including ad copy and creative design. SBC employed A/B testing by generating various permutations of the same advertisement with different variables. This allowed us to test ads against each other to determine which ads resonate most with the user. SBC would regularly conduct ad-copy optimization since the audience and industry trends are ever changing.

Measure of Success

SBC monitored campaign performance and optimized our campaign content using the methods discussed above. By applying basic metrics to these various methods, we were better able to plan and attribute our research findings in a way that is most optimal for our target market. SBC met with UH monthly to provide performance reports, discuss campaign analytics, and present proposed adjustments.

The constant evaluation of our campaigns gave us great peace-of-mind that our marketing execution was as efficient as possible.

— University of Houston