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The Current Situation
In the 1990s, the University of Houston (UH) was the state’s third fastest-growing university and concentrated on becoming a leading metropolitan university, appealing to both traditional and non-traditional students as well as business professionals with the desire to continue their education. Today, UH is a major public research and teaching institution, serving more than 39,800 students annually with nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate programs. Even with this rapid growth and expansion, the university still felt that more brand awareness was critical, so “Welcome to the Powerhouse” was born. This campaign focuses on all that’s been done by the university in the areas of energy, health, the arts, athletics, student success, and research.

UofH Ads
UofH Ads
9M Impressions created
14.5K User sessions across multiple devices
Reached online users across ten different countries
1st Position search status through the entirety of the campaign
UofH Ads

The Solution
By opening UH’s marketing-mix to SEM initiatives, they were better able to establish their brand on a much grander scale. Analysis of the market atmosphere and trends, target demographics and psychographics, target audience profiles, and market opportunity helped determine marketing objectives to favorably position UH to its most critical constituencies. All messaging and content represented UH as a tier one, competitive, fun, and engaging university that propels students into successful lives and careers. Emphasis was placed on demonstrating UH as a powerhouse that powers up people’s knowledge, opportunities, community engagement, and relationships. SBC ensured consistency of branding regarding the objectives of student recruitment, brand development, alumni outreach, and community initiatives, all while portraying UH as a worthy university and a civic asset.

“SBC was pivotal in providing UH with data-driven marketing materials across multiple search engines that would generate exposure all over the globe.”

— University of Houston

UofH Ads
UofH Ads Top Banner

The overarching plan for this media advertising campaign is to educate people about the University’s value, engage Houstonians (both alumni and non-alums), and elevate the University’s visibility among prospective students and their parents, the business community, and visitors. To achieve this outcome, the campaign has been broken into a primary and secondary objective. To generate more interest in the University of Houston by targeting prospective students, current students and faculty, alumni, educators, and corporations through display, text, and remarketing PPC advertising. Increasing brand awareness and reputation awareness for the University of Houston through display and remarketing advertisements.

UofH Ads

“SBC consistently monitored the health of PPC campaigns to ensure optimal performance.”

SBC consistently monitored the health of PPC campaigns to ensure optimal performance. Regular measurement of key metrics and data analysis will allow us to refine and refocus ad copy and budget allocation to achieve a higher level of brand awareness.