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The Current Situation
Zeus CrowdFunding is the fastest real estate crowdfunding lender in the United States. In 2016, they launched an online crowdfunding platform. They are funded proportionately by institutional and private investors and specialize in short-term, event-driven, or project-driven real estate opportunities aligning borrowers and investors. Zeus offers their Z-CrowdTM investors attractive, risk-adjusted returns in semi-liquid investments while providing guarantees for the preservation of capital. In 2018, Zeus was in need of a website that reverberated the look and feel of their brand and brings their services into the 21st century with a variety of web applications for users to enjoy.

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The Solution

SBC designed and developed a website that utilized modern design elements making it easier to consume while integrating dynamic imagery that the user can interact with. The main objective was to provide Zeus with a web-based platform to educate potential borrowers about the various services and capabilities of the firm. In addition, Zeus was hoping to transition their current site away from the brochure-style design to a more product/service driven entity. SBC aimed to position Zeus as the thought leaders of their industry and provide a foundation for how their brand interacts directly with the consumer.

Zeus Case Study

Project Goals and Objectives

SBC’s main objective for Zeus was to strengthen user engagement through impactful and dynamic imagery that captivates its audience. This was accomplished through the implementation of highly interactive content that is designed to educate and inform the user about Zeus’s unique advantages for potential borrowers. This is encompassed by a series of rich media that provides users with helpful information about various services from Zeus. The secondary objective was to fully implement a press page that focused on the current ongoings of the industry and keeps the users informed about Zeus and crowdfunding in general. By utilizing the objectives presented above, SBC’s overarching goal was to drive traffic while also generating a new portfolio of clients.

Measure of Success

Performance on each platform is monitored daily, and analytics reports are created monthly. Using Google Analytics to evaluate various metrics allowed SBC to track and explore how the website redesign helped generate traffic and encourage engagement.

I was very impressed with the thoroughness of SBC’s design and development teams to bring our website some new life and increase traction for new leads!
— Steven Kaufman, Founder & Chief Acceleration Officer, Zeus Crowdfunding