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Design is Queen in Marketing

In marketing, they say content is king. If content is king, then design is its queen, a figure of beauty, functionality, and logic. When design is paired with technology, especially in this day and age, the possibilities of logical, beautiful, and functional design are endless. Looking toward this new decade, there are a several design trends to take note of.


  1. Radiant color schemes: Bold, saturated color palettes are strategically used to add dimension to web designs. Duotone, a style of halftone reproduction that brings out highlights and middle tones, epitomizes this technique by adding pops of neon color to stark color compositions giving the design a futuristic feel. Welcome to 2020.
  2. Going 3D: Nothing says immersion like 3D design. As social media brings down the barrier of capturing a moment versus real time, 3D allows web design to break the boundary between digital space and reality. It also enhances the user experience and encourages users to stay on a site longer.
  3. Imperfect beauty: Web design is taking a nod from the art of drawing by implementing hand-drawn elements that add depth and personality to a web design. This trend gives user experience a personable feeling that makes users feel more connected and positive.
  4. Minimalism: The iconic “hamburger” is a minimalistic navigation that gives web design a modern and clean aesthetic. The minimalistic trend lends itself to mobile web design and accommodates very small devices.
  5. Negative space: The use of negative space is actually a positive for web design. It allows a clean framing for the design, allowing the visual to be at the forefront of the user experience. The use of white space allows the design to be prioritized and a more efficient way to follow the user experience.


If your company is in need of a design update or an overhaul, the design queens at Studio Brand are here to design the logo, user experience, or collateral of your dreams!

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