Amplifying your brand message and story through strategic and creative ideation and design. See how we can help you!

Branding is what we do! As a Houston marketing firm specializing in brand development, brand identity creation and brand marketing. Branding is in our DNA. It’s at our core, it’s the key to our hearts. It’s where we started and what continues to fuel our digital advertising agency. We create memorable brands; just as every person is a unique personality, so should your brand.

As a Houston branding agency, we provide strategy-led, creative design striking the perfect balance between brand strategy, creativity, and delivery for our clients. In a highly saturated marketplace, brands struggle with remaining relevant. We deliver measured and relevant ideations and solutions to help your business grow and build long-term value.

Why is your company valuable? How is it different? How do you translate your core values into design and voice? Defining and refining your brand identity will give you new tools for communication and growth.

We use a combination of workshops, interviews, research, and analysis to build a framework for your brand. This framework allows us to produce your new logo, brand book, style guidelines, mission, vision, and values, and other important brand assets. The end result is that you have everything you need to implement successful internal and external communication strategies. You’ll be amazed how these new tools will transform your business, foster growth, and open up new opportunities.

Let’s equip your brand with a powerful, visual story that will serve you for years to come. Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Direct Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Promotional Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Product Launch Campaigns



industry awards received for strategically created and ingeniously executed creative brand design, development, and implementation. 


client retention rate based on happy, satisfied clients who find value in services provided or have indicated that their business has grown by working with the creatively passionate team at SBC.


successful creative campaigns created, launched, and measured. We don’t only create, we visually tell stories that excite, engage, educate, and produce significantly measured results for clients. 


hours of visual renderings weekly.


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Full-Service Geotechnical Engineering Firm

Tolunay-Wong Engineers (TWE) is a full-service geotechnical engineering and consulting firm with decades of experience in business and more than a dozen offices across Texas and Louisiana.

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  • 423%
    One-year increase in bid requests
  • 4,200
    Average monthly visits
  • 200%
    Increase in social media subscribers


BuffBurger offers chef-inspired, quality food with a relaxed atmosphere in a market saturated with fast-casual and hamburger options.

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  • $1.5M
    In first-year revenue
  • $2M
    In second-year revenue
  • 45+
    Average social media engagement per post

We transform brands and drive results wherever your customers live, explore, and play.

Creating Impactful Designs that are Evergreen

Every industry experiences changes in trends and styles based on whatever is popular during a given time. We create concepts and design assets that can withstand business cycles. By focusing on core business tenets, goals, and messaging – we create effective designs.

Understanding the Emotions

Design is just as much about yielding an emotional experience as it is presenting the visual itself. Quality print design should conjure a human response/behavior in your audience – getting them to think, learn, act, or feel about a certain topic.

Having a Simple/Strategic Layout

Print designs that are cluttered can be disorienting, confusing, and can yield great disconnect between your brand’s print materials and your audience. Simple layouts that reflect your simple and concise messaging are more likely to catch the viewer’s eye—the goal of any good print advertisement.

Using Clear Copy

Our team of content managers ensures that messaging, copy layout, and focus is clear and strategically created. When writing copy-heavy print content, we ensure copy is placed in a manner where it can be fully digested.

Highlighting Benefits

By keeping the messaging focused, clear, and impactful, our print design allows your consumer to realize the benefits of your product or service, while also giving them all the needed information in one place.

How It Works

Our creativity is backed by numbers. We are tenacious about delivering measurable results. From campaign measurement reports to advanced data and statistics to testing strategies, we constantly monitor and measure our strategic, creative recommendations to ensure we produce the results our clients want and need. The two halves that create the whole of Studio Brand Collective are our digital team and design team. The digital team crafts the strategy, messaging content, and reporting that guides our marketing and branding efforts. The design team brings our clients’ message to life in a unique and distinctively memorable way.

For SB, strategic design is the fusion of your organizational goals with every aspect of our design process. We aren’t simply designing collateral or a user interface that looks good or is simply usable and accessible. We’re designing elements that will help you accomplish your organization’s objectives. And a large part of this process is our fact-finding and research phase. Geared towards success, we strategically employ this design process for all brand development services.

Any visual expression of a brand that is communicated to the outside world requires strategic thinking and creative ideas. Therefore, our design process is comprised of five steps: it starts with an analysis of the business needs, which includes industry expertise feedback, and ends with the application of the brand identity to several pieces of marketing communication.