Influencer Marketing

We bring your brand story to life through harnessing the power of authentic connections.

Influencer marketing has continued to provide advertisers with authentic opportunities to tell their brand story to consumers. By leveraging the creative expression and organically grown audience from an influencer partner, a brand can reach new consumers and cultivate loyalty. People tend to be influenced by those they like with similar interests. It’s a natural tendency to follow those that look like us. In fact, consumers are more willing to trust recommendations from other people – even someone they don’t know – over brands. Some of the most influential people on earth live online. They make their mark in the digital worlds of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. They collectively reach millions of followers who trust them. And that makes them a very powerful tool.

It’s a bold statement and we stand by it. Successful influencer campaigns take a team of highly experienced, passionate, and results-driven strategists and creatives that accept nothing but the best. We’ve developed and managed countless effective campaigns in every corner of the world, for both SMB’s and enterprises, for B2C & B2B, and for all verticals whether it’s mobile apps, beauty, food & beverage, technology, travel & hospitality, and beyond. We customize influencer marketing solutions to fit any size organization or business type. We’ll quickly tap you into appropriate influencers perfect for your target audience and product or service type. We also have an influencer panel which you can log into and view a variety of engagement metrics, influencer types, social follower counts, and select the people that fit your brand best. A successful influencer marketing campaign requires a detailed strategy. While the strategy is an important guide for the campaign, it is a living document, meaning that it can be improved throughout the campaign as SBC and the client receive new data.

Our CORE Services Include:

Studio Brand works with influencers all over the world. From campaigns with 5 influencers to 5000 influencers and beyond. Including those with niche interests and one-of-a-kind passions. Across segments such as:
  • Influencer Brand Match
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategies
  • Production and Content Creation
  • Photo and Video Content for Social Media
  • Websites and Landing Pages
  • Events
  • Brand Activations
  • Gifting
  • Tracking and Measurement
  • Amplification

Our CORE Services Include:


Increase in ROI that companies experience from influencer marketing when compared to other marketing channels


Facebook is the biggest social network in the world


Brand familiarity is more effective by YouTube creators than celebrities


of Instagram users take action after looking at an Instagram advertising post


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Food, Family, and Fun Benefitting the pulmonary Hypertension Association

The BB&T Woodlands CrawPHish Festival (TWCF) is an annual, outdoor food festival raising money and aware-ness for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.

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  • 105.9%
    Increase in Ticket Sales over 2017
  • 162%
    Increase in Instagram Followers in 4 months
  • 25%
    Increase in Facebook Followers in 4 months

Bud's BBQ

Bud’s BBQ is a new concept opened by a seasoned hospitality group in Downtown Houston’s Avenidas District, adjacent to the George R. Brown Convention Center.

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  • 3,800%
    increase in Facebook fans
  • 564%
    increase in Twitter followers
  • 1,320%
     increase in Instagram followers

increase in Instagram followers

Our Influencer Marketing Strategy and Planning Involves Five Core Steps:

Start with powerful consumer insights.

​The program needs to be based in true consumer interest. Identify the traits of your audience where your brand can align authentically.

Craft a story that has meaning and relevance.

​The success of an influencer program starts with the right idea and then translating that properly through the voice of an influencer. Building this story is the most strategic, creative, and time-consuming part of an influencer marketing program.

Choose your influencers wisely.

Spend time with each influencer’s content and get to know who they are and how that aligns with the values of your brand. Allow the influencer to guide the parameters of the program including content autonomy.

Determine the right timeframe.

Often times an influencer program falls flat because there aren’t enough touchpoints. Building the right partnership generally means a longer-term engagement between the brand and influencer.

Provide context of value.

There needs to be longevity and a reason for the consumer to engage beyond one interaction with influencer content. This can be done by extending a coupon, a landing page, or a piece of content. Create ways for your consumer to continue to engage with your brand.

Measurement and optimization.

SB will provide access to key measurements and the various KPIs that will be measured to gauge the campaign’s success. This allows for clear transparency in determining growth areas and those requiring improvement. Through the data SBC collects, we also determine how to best optimize the campaign on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

How It Works

Influencer marketing taps these social media thought leaders and harnesses their clout to effectively persuade their audiences in an authentic way. SB has a detailed process for every campaign it carries out. As influencer marketing concerns a third party, this process is even more important in carrying out a successful campaign. The campaign is created and implemented throughout several phases. Our key influencer platform boasts over 280,000 influencers on Twitter, 240,000+ on Facebook, and over 95,000 on Instagram. We identify vetted, qualified influencers for your unique business. Then, you hand-pick the candidates that match your criteria and brand values. As a full-service influencer marketing agency, we will scale your influencer marketing campaigns by adding influencers as the need arises, helping you train them, and report on results to keep growing your bottom-line and exposure. In short, it works like this:

  1. We select online influencers whose interests are relevant to our client’s business.
  2. We negotiate fees for their participation.
  3. We brief them on the product/industry.
  4. The influencers create original, branded content, which we vet.
  5. They share it with their followers.
  6. Their loyal audiences then engage with the content, sharing the information within their spheres of influence.