UT Health Science Center San Antonio

Our Work

Scope: The University of Texas is one of Texas’ largest educational institutions. With more than twenty divisions operating independently and interdependently, user experience and seamless functionality is sometimes lost. Studio Brand was tasked with working alongside the Health and Science Division to create an updated brand image, which primarily included collaterals and a user friendly and highly accessible website.


We worked with UTHSCSA to develop a visually stunning and technically functional website focused primarily on providing students, alumni and prospective students with the necessary information at no more than two tap clicks. All collaterals created were also updated to ensure consistency and ease of use, which included iconography, content update and branding.

The University’s website is clean, functional and addresses all the goals of the organization. With an updated website and collaterals, students, faculty, donors and prospective students are now able to easily access any needed information that is now under one cohesive roof. And since a website should be a moving, breathing thing, the University is positioned with all the tools it needs in the backend CMS to implement changes as the institution continues to evolve in the future.

UTSCSA Website
UTSCSA Website