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Calm Coyote Skincare

Our Work

Calm Coyote was a new skincare brand focused on clean ingredients and sold exclusively online. When the company decided to launch its newest skincare product, a facial all-in-one moisturizer, they approached us to create the brand, identify their target audience, and create attention grabbing creatives to activate brand followers and stand out in the community.

Calm Coyote Business Card
Calm Coyote Spec Sheet
Calm Coyote Postcard

At the time that the company approached us, they needed a way to leverage these creatives to generate product awareness, and drive shoppers to their online store to buy the new product. Studio Brand worked on building an integrated marketing strategy to create engagement and adoption of the new product into the marketplace.

After the brand was created, we needed a way to engage consumers, and advocate for the educational component of the brand. Since Calm Coyote wanted to grow their social media following, we led lifestyle photoshoots and created visuals with each highlighting a specific call to action directed to Facebook and Instagram. This also led to a wildly successful product giveaway for engagement campaign.

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Calm Coyote
Calm Coyote