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Mercer Emergency Center was a new business opening in Southeast Texas that needed to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace of family healthcare options. Beginning with a logo and color palette, Studio Brand created all of the elements necessary for a successful brand launch and marketing presence.

Centering our efforts on the ER’s website, SB created a digital campaign to communicate the value offered by the business and funnel patients toward its superior service and convenience.

Mercer ER Business Card
Mercer ER Letterhead
Mercer ER Web
Mercer ER is a freestanding, state-of-the-art, 24-hour emergency care center located in West Texas. Mercer ER was designed to provide compassionate, comprehensive, VIP-style emergency care. Most importantly, the facility has board-certified physicians on staff, which allows for top-tier care around the clock. Mercer ER approached Studio Brand seeking to create a strong brand presence, and also grow their online presence with a desire to dominate their local community as the to-go emergency healthcare provider. Mercer ER had two major goals: increasing patient counts in their center and doubling the number of locations within 3-5 years.
This meant that we were tasked with creating a consistent brand that fueled into an effective digital and search marketing strategy/campaign. We applied a holistic approach by creating a brand identity based on research and strategy, implementing a comprehensive awareness campaign, and incorporating a complete digital marketing campaign that included both organic and paid search, social media, content development, and website management.
Mercer ER Ad
Mercer ER Mailer
Mercer ER Billboard