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Texas’s third-largest state university came to Studio Brand with a challenge: research the many different constituencies involved in college-choice decision making and create a marketing campaign that could reach them all.

Studio Brand responded with a branding campaign that communicated the school’s unique values to multiple different audiences with a wide-ranging inbound marketing campaign centered on the unparalleled reach of paid search-engine advertising.

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Studio Brand was tasked with generating awareness, engagement and buy-in of the University’s new fundraising campaign initiative. The goal was to target students, donors, the community and faculty by creating a branded campaign that focused on a collective messaging aligned with the University. The team utilized photography, creative design, and messaging to capture the spirit of this cutting-edge institution.

With digital advertisements, cross channel engagement and visual assets, the campaign was able to generate 1.3. million view over a 90-day run period with a giving registration increase of 215% and ultimately met its campaign fundraising goals.

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UofH Ads