The Woodlands CrawPHish Festival

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The Woodlands CrawPHish Festival is a regional event with a track record of success raising funds and awareness in the fight against the deadly disease pulmonary hypertension. Studio Brand was engaged to help revitalize the festival and return ticket sales to previous highs.

SB rebranded the festival, beginning with its logo, and developed a new web presence and event marketing campaign to attract visitors and entertain them on-site over multiple years.

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The festival’s attendance had been declining for years, so their organizers contacted Studio Brand in advance of the eighth iteration of their event in 2017. Our agency was hired to deliver a major increase in ticket sales, brand awareness, and social media engagement for the festival, while concurrently serving to draw attention to the festival’s pet cause of pulmonary hypertension

As a result of Studio Brand’s efforts, TWCF sold over 200% more tickets than the previous year’s festival. Through introducing the festival’s brand to new, specially targeted audiences, every metric of the festival’s success was markedly improved, from brand awareness to site traffic to social media engagement to attendance.

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