Social Media Marketing

Engage your audience and increase brand awareness using the right social marketing channels.

How effective is your current social media marketing strategy? Many companies use social media without a plan in place. Our service scope for social media and content marketing focuses on a planned, managed approach to getting the most from your social media platforms. Social media starts with your customer, or brand advocates (who are usually happy customers, right?). And, because of all the above, social media marketing requires a strategy, a plan, a focus, and a direction. Almost every modern business leverages social media to some extent, but only a select few fully appreciate the value its social platforms bring to the table. Whether you’re a massive company or a single person, social media is an incredibly efficient and effective way to connect with your target audience, absorb feedback, establish trust, and build loyalty. Grasping the power of social media is one thing, but effectively harnessing it is another matter entirely.

At SB, we believe that the secret to killer social media marketing lies in innovation. Our team of social media experts utilizes the latest platforms, strategies, and tactics to ensure our clients succeed in the vast, ever-expanding world of social. We monitor and take advantage of shifts in the field, providing comprehensive social media marketing to attract followers and create loyal advocates for your brand.

Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Social Engagement
  • Product or Service Promotion
  • Product Launch
  • Brand Sentiments and Listening
  • Campaign Creation
  • Social Media Channel Audit
  • Custom Monthly Content Calendars
  • Publishing and Community Management
  • Monthly Reporting and Insights
  • Social Ad Management
  • Content Publishing, Management, and Growth



 of marketers agreed social media significantly improved their brand awareness.


of businesses realize a quantifiable return on social investment.


of businesses using social media effectively for more than a year experience improved search optimization. 


of the world’s population uses social media. That’s 3.2 billion users worldwide.


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Sisterly Village

Founded by a first-time business owner, Sisterly Village had a small budget but needed a big boost in brand awareness and sales in order to get off the ground.

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  • $48,347
    in total sales
  • 519
    dresses sold
  • 332
    new Facebook followers

The Toasted Yolk

The Toasted Yolk Café came to Studio Brand with a goal to increase online brand awareness to establish a stronger presence throughout all of Greater Houston.

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  • 1.5M
    In first-year revenue
  • $2M
    In second-year revenue
  • 45+
    Average social media engagement per post


Creating Realistic Social Marketing Goals

One of the most significant problems faced by many businesses engaged in social media is that they have never spent the time to set relevant and realistic social media marketing goals. Of course, your social media marketing goals need to fit into your business planning as a whole. We work with you to set strategic goals for how you want your business to progress, and we ensure your social media marketing goals complement your overarching business goals.


Identification and Assessment of the Target Audience

Not all social media audiences are alike. Different types of people use social media in varying ways. If you want to consistently grow your business, you will need to know your audience very intimately. This is the first step towards building great customer experiences and even greater products.

Today, thanks to social media, understanding your target audience is not as complicated as it used to be. At SB, we have the right tools in hand that help you target varied demographics and connect to your prospective audience.

Creation of Effective Social Marketing Strategies

A social media marketing strategy is critical and must be centered on content. Regardless of what niche you’re operating in, your business needs an ever-growing presence on the social web. Having a social media marketing strategy will not only help you grow your organic presence but will also help you maintain your reputation.

Curation and Creation of Effective Content

Quality content is the backbone of a solid social media marketing strategy. Without the right kind of content, all other steps would fail to help you reach your marketing goal. On the other hand, if you only focus on content and ignore the other steps we discussed, you may not see favorable results. Your content cannot be just any content. Regardless of the type of content you share, it has to go with your business goals and brand identity. We work with you to craft winning content that resonates with your audience.

Establish Important Metrics

No matter what you’re selling, your social media strategy should be data-driven. That means focusing on the social media metrics that matter. Because while “likes” and “shares” are nice to have, they amount to little more than vanity metrics if they aren’t resulting in meaningful engagement or sales. What good are your millions of followers if you can’t do anything with them?

Tailored Social Advertising Solutions at Competitive Rates

We know that although ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘retweets’ matter, the ultimate objective of any business is to earn tangible value from its social media marketing investment. Therefore, our team of online marketing enthusiasts not only take social media off your plate, but also deliver the results you desire in the form of increased numbers in ‘leads’, ‘conversions’, and ‘sales’.

How We Do It!

Our top priority is implementing the correct social media strategy for your business to help you accomplish your goals. Social media platforms offer you an excellent opportunity to deepen your ties in the community and convert more of your audience into customers. But when it comes to social media management, it pays to be strategic!

Managing your online presence is a full-time job. Let our team of social media management experts take charge, increase user engagement, and foster relationships that will fill your sales funnel and add measurable value to your bottom line. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter offer unparalleled marketing advantages to businesses of all sizes. However, many businesses have a hard time translating their marketing efforts into real, tangible ROI because they either lack the experience, insight, and skills required for effective social media management or they do not have time to consistently publish quality content and engage with their audiences.

Is there a better way to engage with your online community, increase brand awareness, and earn more revenue through social media?

At SB, a full-time professional social media manager will be working on your business’s social media platforms. This individual will be working closely on your social media channels to ensure your content is high-quality and your social media profiles are growing with targeted followers.