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Top 9 Food Photography Tips + Tricks

As digital marketing experts, we know that images sell. We work with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram (where photography is the most important part of each post) and websites daily, and we know that selecting the right image is vital to catching the audience’s eye and selling the product.

For a restaurant, a bad image of your quality cuisine can turn people away from ever visiting your establishment or even giving it a try. In today’s world, a restaurant is judged beyond just the taste of the food—customers want the right ambiance, aesthetic, and Insta-worthy photos.

If you can master the art of creating the right look for your food photos, you will succeed. Whenever there’s a photo shoot on the horizon it’s always best to know what look you’re going for along with the types of images that are worthy of being posted or used to advertise your restaurant. (Yes, even for food, there’s ALWAYS a look.)

Photographs of food from our restaurant clients are like gold to us. They prompt all social posts and must be of top quality. That’s why we’re so picky—they’re that important! At SB, we have nine solid tricks we follow when it’s time for us to do a photoshoot for a client. Click below to learn more tips and tricks about restaurant photography!

There are a million different routes a photoshoot can go: different themes, ideas, colors, and more! As long as you stick to these nine basics and your brand’s identity, your shoot will be a success!

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