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What’s Working Thus Far in 2020?

Talk about having a plan, huh? 2020 has made us reevaluate our plans, processes, methods, our role in the community, and even our integrity. The challenges this year has posed are totally unexpected, but SB believes many positive things can come out of it all.

Utilize these top three tools for effectively adapting your team and business:

A Synchronized Project Management Tool

As an organization, this is big, especially when everyone is working remotely. A project management tool like BaseCamp, ProofHub, and Asana are a necessity—just as much as virtual happy hours. One centralized platform that can seamlessly feed all the information to all of your team members will help reduce errors and stress, ensuring you get the job done.

Virtual Adaptation For improved UX

Everyone must find a way to stay connected while physically apart, and thanks to technology, that’s exactly what we can do. From virtual consultations and meetings, to TikTok and of course, virtual happy hours, we have found ways to improve user experience (UX). Some of the ways we have accomplished these are: reducing response times to inquiring through virtual chatbots on websites, reducing operational or logistical issues by integrating automated forms on websites that land in the needed inboxes, and providing platforms such as Zoom and GoToMeeting to hold important team conversations.

Transparency and Honesty

In times of uncertainty, these two things are needed more than ever. Our integrity as an organization is based on the wellbeing of all our team members, as well as providing the best marketing strategies and execution for our clients. However, when a pandemic hit the world, we had to establish new processes, reduce work hours, and the systems we used to use were not applicable anymore. Being honest about these unforeseen changes with team members and clients helps manage expectations, includes everyone as part of the conversation, sparks creative problem-solving ideas, and helps maintain a sense of community. After all, we are all going through this together!

Many new methods and trends will fade out. Others will stay. And since we don’t know what’s left for the rest of the year, all we can say is that we have proven to ourselves that we are ready to adapt while maintaining a positive outlook, that we will always evolve into better versions of ourselves, and that creativity never dies. Cheers!

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