You’re the Healthcare Expert and We’re the Communication Expert

Effective communication is vital for a healthcare company to succeed and thrive.

Without it, the quality of treatment would decrease, negative patient outcomes would increase, and workplace culture would suffer.

Communicating efficiently and effectively has always been important, however, now more than ever, keeping your new hires, employees, and patients up-to-date is important as we adapt to our new norm. How can you ensure positivity within your company? By having an organized, set system and protocols that are upheld.

At SB, we are experts in all things digital. As technology grows, we help companies find ways to utilize what’s available to help their company stay relevant and established within their community. Our experts focus on three main factors when it comes to helping healthcare companies streamline their internal communication and better their brand:

  • Website design: Including an employee hub, an easy-to-find hiring CTA, and an application link that is efficient.
  • New hires training guides and handbooks: Especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Employee policies and paperwork

In order to be successful, you must first have a strong internal team and process. From there, the external communication and marketing will take place.

An updated website can help your company grow internally. Adding an insights page to keep employees up-to-date on the latest healthcare laws and trends, as well as having clear “CTAs” for new and potential patients, and an employee portal where your staff can receive work updates, protocols, and have all of their paperwork in one area, is vital.

SB won’t just create and design your website—we can also host, optimize, and update your site, allowing you to not worry about how your company is represented on the internet and how your current employees and patients utilize their resources.

Want to see an example of our work? Check out one of our many case studies here:


Nowadays, everything is digital. This includes guidebooks and handbooks for your current employees and new hires. SB content and design experts would be happy to update these guidelines and HR tools for your company. Ensuring they are up-to-date will keep your processes steady, clear, and organized. It will also help streamline your new hire’s progress when starting his or her job. Keep these documents in your employee hub for everyone to view when they need a reminder!

Finally, there’s ALWAYS paperwork in any business. Do you have employee-patient policies and contracts? Let us help you pave the way to a better, stronger, and safer business!

Ready to get started? Our marketing experts do so much more than social media and newsletters. We can create a whole new website that will increase engagement with your company and will add to your credibility. Let us help streamline your internal communication, making it easier than ever to get the job done each day.


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