Marketing Strategies for Business Recovery Post COVID-19

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has put 2020 on pause, leading to record high unemployment rates, stock market declines, and uncertainty throughout the United States. 


As the virus continues to unfold and states start their initial phases to re-opening, it’s hard to imagine what the “re-opening” will entail. When will things go back to normal? How do you market your company? What is the average customer or consumer, which is no longer the audience you once knew, looking for in terms of your business? What is their decision process? Will loyal-brand customers switch back to our brand once normalcy returns? No one can predict these answers, but one can prepare for what’s to come. 


Marketing strategically is critical for businesses to remain intact short term; yet, the one thing your business should be focusing on is how to position yourself long-term.  Prepare for a strong recovery and how figure out how you will return to “normalcy” once the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end.


Here are some long-term marketing strategies to consider: 



  • Understand the New Consumer Behavior


It’s silly to believe your consumer audience’s behavior, decision-making, and expectations won’t change. There will indeed be a new “normal” reality. Whether your COVID-19 strategy is to attract or retain customers, keep in my what you can still control—your product and what you have to offer. Reevaluate your current marketing strategy. Think in the mindset of the new consumer. What would your expectations be? What would you want to see post COVID-19? This is the first step. And although it may seem like an obvious one, it will be overlook by many. Make sure your company stands out from the rest. 



  • Make Sure Your Website Is At The Top of The Google List


Google Analytics is a widely used website tool that helps companies analyze their business’ website traffic. With your prospects and customers relying on the Internet now more than ever, it’s best to ensure your website is created and implemented with the best practices to drive marketing and sales. Set goals. Audit your site. Add a search console. Use imagery. Create a blog for SEO keywords. Make sure it’s top-notch. 



  • Consider Digital Ad Spending


Although businesses are enduring many budget cuts right now, it’s vital to continue advertisements in order to stay relevant. Transition your budget to include digital advertising. Digital advertising is an affordable way to reach specific target audiences directly in their social media feeds. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram all provide easy tools to estimate costs and returns on your ads. Creating stand out Google Ads can allow your brand to appear front and center in a key search, and is an easy way to stand strong during this time. It will also ensure your customers that you will be there in the future for them. 



  • Think Outside the Box


Everything has changed. You not only need to expose your brand, but you also need to reintroduce your brand to the market. Think outside the box. If you rely on trade shows and events for your company, it’s time to use that budget for something new, such as a digital ad or e-commerce site to sell. 



  • Improve Your Processes


Now, more than ever, your company needs to be moving like a well-oiled machine. You need to be relied upon by your customers, giving them the confidence they need to embrace the market. Utilize your relationship with the customer, communicating with them directly and delivering promises you make. This will keep loyalty and build a new relationship for the new normal. 


This crisis will past. The world will return to a “new” normal. Instead of wondering what the new normal will be, it’s time to prepare. Be a step ahead of your competitors and create a checklist of ways to improve your company throughout this uncertain time. 


Ready to strategically market your company for the new norm? Contact Studio Brand today to get started!



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