Mobile First Design

First impressions are extremely important! It only takes eight seconds for an impression to be made, whether it’s in person, or online. Ninety-four percent of user’s first impressions are linked to website design, specifically easy-navigation. Make sure your site is impressive, easy-to-use, and on the top of every Google search!

Here are some tips to making sure your website is seen, used, and makes your customers come back for more.

SEO Basics
If no one sees your website, or stumbles across your website, it’s not doing its job. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something all marketing platforms use in order to be found, seen, and heard. If you use the correct keywords throughout your text, put plenty of links, name your page titles and URLs correctly, your site will have more traffic. Eighty-one percent of companies use blogs to update content and add keywords to their website in order to gain more traffic. According to Moz Pro, SEO tactics offer 20-times more traffic opportunity than pay-per-click (PPC) on both mobile and desktop. In fact, consistently updating your pages to meet SEO requirements will often bring you to the top of your users Google search.

Optimize for Mobile Use
Remember that first impressions online are the same on a computer, tablet, or phone. No matter the device, the website must work accordingly and have the same easy-to-use and connect-with elements. In today’s world, over one million people access the web via mobile and eighty percent of all Internet users own a smartphone (Niche Magazine). Also, Google’s algorithms favor sites that are responsive to mobile optimization. So, it’s not a bad idea to have a “mobile first” mindset and strategy when creating your site. Want to learn more? Check out this downloadable to upgrade your company’s website and gain more traffic!

Easy-To-Read Website Structure
Most online consumers skim website content and only read once they find the information they’re looking for. Keeping things short and to the point, with engaging headers, sub-heads, and calls to action, makes navigation simple, easy, and appealing to the consumer. Clear links to the most important pages and a site map are crucial for guiding visitors through your website. According to Niche Magazine, more than 83 percent of people expect a site to load in three seconds or less, and 38 percent of people with stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

Give your customers and clients the full-treatment when it comes to your website. Just like walking into a store, your website is who you are as a company. It represents you—so make a good first impression!

Ready to create a brand new, easy-to-navigate, SEO-ready website? Contact Studio Brand today and our experts will make your dream come true!


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