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Bare Necessities

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The Current Situation
Bare Necessities (BN) goal is to provide customers with a flawless skincare experience. Bare Necessities tasked Studio Brand with boosting local brand awareness. To accomplish this, SB created a full-suite service package that would supply BN with a strong brand identity, social media presence, press profile, and inbound marketing plan. Each element of the campaign was tailored to reflect Bare Necessities’ style. The campaign kicked off in May 2017.

Bare Necessities Social
Bare Necessities Social
320% Increase in website visits from previous year
212% Increase in Facebook followers
176% Increase in Instagram engagement
100% Increase in newsletter click-through rate over list average
Bare Necessities Ads

The Solution
In order, to attract new customers who would return again and again to Bare Necessities, SB utilized marketing techniques old and new. We ran detailed, targeted Facebook ads to Bare Necessities’ target demographic and tracked redeemed promotions in order to A/B test ads. We provided P.R. and outreach to local beauty writers and bloggers to promote press coverage and provided high-quality photos. We developed a mobile-responsive website to capitalize on geo-targeted apps and advertising. Finally, we ran four direct mailers to nearby neighborhoods to test the most effective content.

“Capturing consumer attention in such a crowded marketplace was a challenge that required real creativity on SB’s part.”

— Kathryn Durkin, DCM, Studio Brand

BN Ads
BN Email

Bare Necessities approved SB’s proposal of a campaign based landing page. Targeting specific user interest within their three core services: waxing, tanning, and facials. The new campaigns were designed to deliver an easy, frustration-free user experience highlighting BN’s specific service while also providing more information to customers about the service. Site visitors were able to view frequently asked questions, meet the CEO, and read customer reviews. Photography-focused social media and email marketing campaigns drew target consumers to the landing page. SB further spread the word with a social media influencers campaign and traditional media outreach.

BN stationery

“Through consistent outreach, SB helped build the brand’s social and email contact lists, setting up Bare Necessities for even larger campaigns the following year.”

The brand development and awareness work supplied by Studio Brand increased the Bare Necessities marketing reach considerably and even garnered positive online engagement from customers. Through consistent outreach, SB helped build the brand’s social and email contact lists, setting up Bare Necessities for even larger campaigns the following year.