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Diabetes Relief

Diabetes Relief

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The Current Situation
Diabetes Relief is a medical service that is pioneering the evolution of diabetic patient care. The company helps doctors and patients achieve superior results by operating with the core belief that diabetes is not a disease, but a symptom of a parent illness: metabolic disorder. The conventional medical approach to diabetes is focused on maintaining a patient’s current level of functionality and preventing further damage. Society’s understanding of diabetes depicts it as an inevitably slow, downward progression. Diabetes Relief turns that paradigm around by offering a treatment plan that not only maintains the health of diabetics, but also reverses some of the damaging side effects they have experienced.

Diabetes Relief Ads
Diabetes Relief Ads
“Allow Diabetes Relief to focus on the expansion of service areas and consistency with the existing business.”
“Use effective messaging to become a source of authority, evolve into the world’s aggregator of treatments for diabetes.”
“Develop internal team growth, education, internal communication, and internal brand ambassadors to strengthen shared values.”
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The Solution
Thanks to our market research initiatives, Studio Brand Collective was able to utilize several channels of digital marketing to drive brand awareness, educate the consumer base, and ultimately achieve business development for Diabetes Relief. With an improved brand, consistent branding, and targeted marketing, Diabetes Relief can capture a larger market share. As the company grows, there is an opportunity to improve the team and add new talent to the team, creating a significant opportunity for internal training to enhance the team’s understanding of the brand and operations systems.

“SBC’s thorough research on the market was incredibly insightful and allowed Diabetes Relief to conceptualize our marketing strategy fully!”

— Diabetes Relief

Diabetes Relief Ads
Diabetes Relief Ads

Analysis of the market atmosphere and trends, consumer demographics, target audience profile, and market opportunity helps determine four marketing objectives to favorably position Diabetes Relief to consumers: be valuable, unique, convenient, and a community. The core objective for Diabetes Relief’s marketing is two-fold. First, encourage key decision makers in the medical industry to accept the Diabetes Relief treatment as the standard of care for their patients. Second, increase awareness of the treatment options available at Diabetes Relief among patients with the goal to increase direct client intake.

Diabetes Relief Ads

“It became a one-stop resource of information about clinical services offered, profiles of the physicians, and stories of how DR has changed people’s lives.”

Studio Brand created a Diabetes Relief marketing plan that was designed to increase the visibility, adoption, and use of DR’s treatment and services. We identified groups such as physicians, nurses, and medical administration personnel, who could influence awareness, use, and reputation of the DR treatment program. Lastly, the website we designed is used to target audience’s patients, providers, internal administration and staff, and supporting organizations. It became a one-stop resource of information about clinical services offered, profiles of the physicians, and stories of how DR has changed people’s lives. We increased the site visits by 181 percent, increased traffic across organic searches, and received above average email open-click rates.