Case Studies

Discount Power

The Current Situation
Discount Power is a Houston-based electricity company that focuses on providing energy for the lowest price available with quality service. Their business model relies on the principle of focusing only on offering reliable energy and excellent service. By focusing on these key aspects, Discount Power is able to pass the savings to their customers and offer the lowest rate in each market. In five years, Discount Power was looking to have expanded into at least six markets in 4 different states and have offices in each location. They were looking to expand into the Northeast and Midwest regions based on the deregulation of retail electricity and competitive market. Discount Power was also looking to increase their overall customer base by eight to ten times their end of 2014 numbers. Discount Power needed to update its marketing mix to provide captivating content that would drive inbound traffic.

Provided Discount Power with fresh and intriguing content that allowed compounding brand awareness and influenced positive sales.

Increased web activity across all metrics including new users and organic searches.
Increased brand reach across multiple platforms to attract consumers from both newer and older markets.

The Solution

Studio Brand designed and developed content that would be most effective and appealing for the target market of professionals. Content for Discount Power maintained a professional tone to attract the appropriate audience while incorporating fun and inviting wording to bring light to the company’s affordable rates and excite the audience about the company’s services. The topics included in the content positioned Discount Power as a thought leader within the industry and increased leads. In addition, Studio Brand implemented various social media techniques like banners, ads, and boosted posts to generate more traction from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All of these strategies were immensely helpful for enticing consumers and building Discount Power’s brand equity.

Discount Power Case Study

Project Goals and Objectives

SBC’s external objective for Discount Power was to position the brand as a high-quality service while still offering inexpensive rates. The internal objective was to increase brand awareness, brand reach, and brand retention, while increasing the company’s bottom line. Additionally, Discount Power is looking to reach its five-year goal of expanding into six markets and increasing total clientele in both residential and commercial. The overarching goal is to generate further web traffic and positively influence sales through enticing inbound marketing tactics.

Measure of Success

Performance on each platform is monitored daily, and analytics reports are created monthly.Using Google Analytics to evaluate various metrics allowed SBC to track and explore how the inclusion of inbound marketing helped generate traffic and drive sales. Since the implementation of SBC’s inbound strategies, Discount Power has experienced:

272% increase in web sessions
240% increase in new users
15% increase in session duration
256% increase in organic searches

SBC’s inbound marketing strategy was an incredible success for our brand and gave us the ability to attract clients from all over.

— Discount Power